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Proverbs 7:2 NASB

As grandparents, we talk about grandchildren being “the apple of our eye.” Do we even understand what that means anymore? We think it means they are something special; maybe a really cute kid, or one we take special pride in. That is a good start, but it does not approach the intensity of Solomon’s intent in this verse. Imagine how we protect our eyes – the slightest dust mote causes great discomfort. We wear goggles and sunglasses for protection, and we treasure and look after our eyes as incredibly valuable, which they are. The message here is that God’s commandments require constant awareness and attention. They are not to be lightly considered in our daily travels. Without focused awareness of His steady hand on our life, we are in danger of allowing issues and circumstances of the world to distract us from His truth and cost us dearly. Today, recognize the significance of God’s truth guiding our story, and reflect on its application to your circumstances right now. #BeTheEdge