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Proverbs 7:6 NASB

What is your tender spot? That place in you throughout your history and brokenness that Satan can get a hold of you. Being aware in our culture of what we are most susceptible to being tempted by is smart. Pursuing things and stuff in your world certainly looks different than it does to a third world person. Longing and doing things to own the latest car versus trying to find food to eat. Temptation is driven by similar desires. Lust for things, hunger for power or control, striving for significance all can feel the same but are met in different ways. Looking across the horizon and knowing the opportunities to stumble that await you, specifically, is wise. The evil one knows well where and how to take you down. Do you? Drinking never has been an issue for me so going to hear my son’s band perform in a bar did not set me up to fall. Binge watching the latest Netflix series to the exclusion of ministry opportunities is. Today examine your day and spot those places where the evil one lies in wait, and flee them.