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Proverbs 8:35 NIV

I recently read an article about what is considered the 10 greatest treasure hunts still on going. They covered Dillinger’s buried suitcase to The Lost Fortune of Key West. One of them is the story of The Beale Ciphers. “In early 1800s, Thomas Jefferson Beale and his men were in the Rocky Mountains and came across an enormous amount of gold and silver. They spent 18 months mining this fortune, and it was down to Beale to bury the treasure so that their families could enjoy the fortune for generations (it is estimated to be around $63 million). Beale wrote three ciphers, with one describing the location of the treasure, one describing the contents, and the final cipher listing the men’s names and next of kin. He placed these in a box and trusted them with an innkeeper named Robert Morriss who was supposed to wait 10 years, and if Beale had not returned, a key to the ciphers would be mailed to Morriss. It never arrived, and only the cipher detailing the contents has been decoded. The ciphers were made public, but the location remains a mystery.” Ciphers, keys, buried gold, ten year wait, all these are elements of what so far has been an undiscoverable treasure. In this verse Solomon tells us find wisdom (Jesus) and you find life. The life God promises is more rewarding than even a $63 million treasure. It is full, abundant and overflowing. Today pursue God and receive His bottomless treasure. #BeTheEdge


“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Jesus