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Proverbs 9:12 NASB

The Septuagint is the Greek version of the Old Testament, written and adopted by the Christian Church around the second century. It has an interesting take on this verse: “My son, if thou wilt be wise for thyself, thou shalt be wise also for thy neighbors; but if thou turn out evil, thou alone shalt bear evil. He who resteth on lies shall guide the winds…”. Obviously, God doesn’t benefit from our wisdom, we do. He is certainly pleased by it and honored by it, but wisdom benefits us. In this version we see that God’s intention is that it also benefits those around us. Operating with God’s wisdom benefits and blesses our home, business, and consequently, the world. Our understanding of God and His Truth should have a positive impact on those around us. This is an easy principle to see at work. A year ago, today, I watched as a group of people made a very poor and unwise decision. It certainly has affected others, but it seems to be having a sad and negative effect more so on the individuals in the group. At the same time, a different group of people took action out of great insight and wisdom, and numerous, possibly hundreds of lives have been and are being impacted powerfully for His Kingdom, as a result. Today, seek to live in the clear wisdom of our Savior and watch your life and those you encounter be impacted for eternity. #BeTheEdge