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Proverbs 9:15 NASB

I have watched a few people over the years who gave their life to Christ and began latching on to every word of teaching they could get. It seemed admirable, the degree of hunger they had for the things of God. In their innocence, they began to grab onto certain “teachings” of leaders that contained enough truth to seem legitimate, but actually twisted the word of God to such a degree that it led those well-meaning souls into heresy. Over time, I watched them sell out to what resembled cults, and that brought darkness to their spirit. It is easy to be led into dangerous places when we are not fully versed in God’s truth, and very few new believers come into the kingdom well versed in Biblical truth. I believe God’s grace covers the new believer, but those in the most danger are the ones who come to Christ, desire to live rightly before God, but don’t dig into Scripture and grow in their faith. They are the most vulnerable to twisted truth. Today, dig into God’s Word and be sure those you listen to are solid in their teaching of His truth.