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Proverbs 9:16 NASB


Tucker, my daughter’s lab, was taken out of our yard and delivered to a shelter 3 counties away where we would never think to look for him. After 3 days the dognappers could go adopt him as unclaimed. So, they did. After looking everywhere we could think of to look for him, someone told us they thought they saw him at a shelter in a distant county a few days later. When we went to check on him, he had already been adopted and was about to be neutered, as required by the shelter. We got a court order to hold the procedure off. After much negotiating, and a significant amount of money (read ransom) to the person who adopted him, we got him back. It was one of three times he was stolen/taken/dognapped. He was a great dog, but, as with all pets, he wasn’t particularly discerning of whoever called him or fed him. I have seen too many people as naive as Tucker in my life. Willing to follow whomever seems interested in them for whatever reason. That path leads to death, yet many never recognized it or were willing to admit it. Thankfully, there is One who was willing to pay a ransom to buy us all back, even when we didn’t realize we needed rescuing. You and I have been called to share this great news. Today, be sure your life reflects the message of how valuable we all are. #BeTheEdge