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Proverbs 9:6 NASB

You don’t have to spend long in Proverbs to see that Solomon likes to draw comparisons between a life of sin and a life of Godly blessing. Jesus and sin are constant rivals. They both want supremacy in our story. One will get it, and you definitely have a lot to do with which one it is. As the old saying goes, the dog that wins the fight will be the one that you feed. God draws us a clear picture in His Word of the difference between living for Him versus living for sin, and it’s no comparison. Sin leads to death and destruction. God’s way leads to life and an abundant life, at that. So, the question is why would anyone choose a path of sin? The simplest view is that sin blinds us, hardens hearts and sinks it’s hooks so deeply into one’s soul that it’s hard to get free. Thankfully, God’s specialty is breaking the power of sin and rescuing those captured by the evil one. As you weigh out the offerings of sin it is imperative that you look ahead and see where it leads. Then consider the view down the road of obedience to the Giver of life and consider what He offers us for choosing Him. Today, as Joshua said, choose whom you will serve and…#BeTheEdge


“…choose for yourselves today whom you will serve…as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 NASB