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Proverbs 7:9NIV


Once I was at the airport with a friend. We were young, our flight was delayed and his boundaries were not yet well established. Trouble was always potentially right around the corner with him. Suddenly he said, “watch this.” Yep, famous last words. He got up, walked to the door of an airport bar, stepped inside and a moment later hustled back out. Almost immediately the people in the bar began streaming out, their heads down and they scattered off. I asked what had happened and he said, “I went inside, found the light switch panel and flipped the lights on.” That was it. People who were very comfortable in that setting while dark were immediately anxious to leave when light shown on their activity. We all have that tendency. Things that we can be comfortable participating in or watching in the dark tend to be less appealing when exposed to the purifying effect of the light. Jesus called Himself “The Light”. He proclaimed that in Him there was no darkness at all. He encourages us to walk in the light. It can be fun to have a campfire or play flashlight tag. There is nothing inherently evil about dark situations. It’s just easier to get away with things in the dark. Today live boldly in the light and many temptations will flee. #BeTheEdge


“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Jesus