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Psalms 141:10 NASB

I just finished a pretty extensive search of stories about people, mostly hunters, getting caught in the traps they set for animals. Sounded pretty painful. I also read the story of a man who killed and hid his wife’s body to be able to take her money and run off with his mistress. As he ran the authorities found a body hidden in his home. They arrested, convicted and hanged him. Later they discovered it wasn’t his wife’s body.The reality of this passage escapes a lot of us. It seems that we understand the truth of the verse, we are just not typically aware of when it reflects on our actions. I watched a person set a trap recently to trip up and have a coworker removed from their job. As they executed their plan it began to unravel as the truth of the person they were after became known. They soon found their own job in jeopardy. There will always be consequences to plotting against another. Today pursue truth and love and avoid unnecessary pitfalls.