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Be the Edge

Our mission is to inspire the men and women in leadership to strengthen their relationship with Jesus and carry their spiritual influence into their company.

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What We Offer

We offer a variety of in person and digital resources to practice and live out The Edge mission in the workplace

Monthly Call

Have an over the phone meeting with Kevin or our other ministry professionals as they lead a Bible teaching on living out The Edge mission in your workplace


At the heart of our ministry, our coaching team works with business influencers individually to develop their strategy and identify potential resources to assist them in pursuing a faith culture in the workplace.

Iron Sharpening Lunches

Join us for quarterly iron sharpening lunches as an opportunity to share ideas, advice, and other creative ways to use your faith to change company culture.


The Edge mentorships connects business influencers with experienced leaders in a similar background to serve as a resource for demonstrating faith in the workplace.

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Interested in joining The Edge or have questions? Contact us for more information and details about our program.

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The Edge Daily sends a daily verse from Proverbs, along with an uplifting interpretation of how that verse can be applied to our daily lives.

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Know Your Rights in the Workplace

Understand your rights according to the ACLJ for sharing your faith in the workplace.

ACLJ Christian Rights
Demonstrate your faith and influence in the workplace

Our Mission

We recognize many Christian leaders want to share their faith in the workplace but need the tools to do it effectively. Our mission here is to provide resources through our app, coaching, and daily devotionals to inspire leaders and spread the gospel in their work environment. Our organization relies on the support of our peers and community. If you would like to donate to our program, please follow the link below.

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Daily Proverbs

Join us in daily proverbs for a spiritual refresher. The proverbs provide encouragement and guidance for demonstrating your faith in daily life.

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