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The Edge Daily

Join us in a time of reflection and growth through our daily proverbs that provide applicable advice to the challenge of sharing your message in the workpalce.

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Daily Proverbs st Your Fingertips

About the App

The Edge Daily is an app created by Be The Edge Inc. to send daily proverbs along with an uplifting interpretation of how that verse can be applied to our daily lives. The app keeps an extensive archive of all our daily proverbs which can be favorited into special categories for quick access.

The app also provides a unique prayer requests network that allows you to submit prayer requests and pulls random requests others have submitted to the screen. The prayer requests are all approved manually by an admin before they are shared with other app users. This is to prevent spam or hurtful messages from being seen through our app.

The prayer requests feature also allows you to set reminders for the next day or week. Once you set a reminder you will receive a notification about the prayer request in that time.