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The Edge at Harbert

Purpose of Biblical Worldview Training

Our LeadershipOur Distinctives

Our Vision

Expand the Kingdom of God by creating workplaces that honor Him.

Our Mission

Encourage and train business leaders to pursue five easy-to-understand hallmarks that enable them to become more Christ-like in their own lives and influence their corporate culture for the Kingdom.

The Outcome

Create more companies where leaders and employees:


Understand their personal position in relation to God, and the proper place of the company they work for in His Kingdom.


Foster a corporate culture that equips and enables believers to pursue and serve God in the workplace.


Exercise a God-honoring framework for decision-making and personal interactions.


Grow and use company resources for God's glory.


Share the hope of Jesus with all they encounter.

A Ministry that Gives Itself Away

How We Work

Anyone can use our material at no cost. Anyone can reprint our material, use our podcasts, sent our devotions out. We ask that they don't use our name and that they are free to put our material under their name and brand. While our material is copyrighted, it is copyrighted with permission to use in any way. We do that to model for them that life is giving, not holding, sharing, not keeping.

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