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Proverbs 10:1 NASB

Jesus was the perfect (everything) son and modeled how we should relate to our mothers. Mary’s role in Jesus’ life, scripture, and her influence on the kingdom today is often underplayed in a reactionary theology by the position given her by the Roman and Greek churches today. She was literally the mother of our Savior. Her grasp of the Old Testament was exhibited in her response to the angel’s pronouncement of her coming role in the Savior’s birth. It was also displayed in her response to her sister’s exclamation when she went to visit her. Both showed that Jesus’ mom loved the scriptures and studied them. She was literally the only human present at both His birth and death. Jesus, in turn, while on the cross in the painful throws of crucifixion, turned His focus on His mother and her welfare when He handed responsibility for her care over to the one disciple He knew would be around to do so. Jesus loved His mom and honored her in word and deed. Today, let’s do the same and model this for our families, as well. #BeTheEdge