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Proverbs 13:25 NASB

There are two very relevant truths in this verse. First the physical reality. In the time this verse was written it was a fact that only those of relative wealth were able to enjoy all they desired to eat. We see similar circumstances today in that the ability to eat in much of the world is defined by relative wealth versus deep poverty. The physical reality made this a poignant truth to Solomon’s reader. Also, those who serve God and find their spiritual hungers satisfied in Him don’t suffer the gnawing hunger of the lost. Those who don’t follow God experience a hunger in their soul to the point that they seek to satisfy a craving that they can never seem to satisfy, no matter how much they possess in the material world. God uses that hunger to draw us to Himself. In our longing we look to fill that emptiness and He stands ready to satisfy us. Pascal called it a “God shaped vacuum” that only He can fill. Often, during the holiday season, when food, family, and love flow, many realize their hunger remains. Today, let your life and story be a reflection of the joy and satisfaction found in your relationship with Jesus. The world is desperately craving to know Him. #BeTheEdge

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalms 126:3 NIV