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Proverbs 19:20 NASB

“God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pains: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” ― C.S. Lewis.  I spoke yesterday with a good friend who is a committed follower of Christ, a brilliant businessman, and a leader of a “The Edge” company. During the conversation we talked about how those business leaders who have followed God’s principles stood the best chance of making it through this coronavirus crisis to emerge successful on the other side. We talked about how easy it is to coast in our faith and business when the economy is humming along. We get caught up in silly political banter, and minor personal issues threaten to consume our energy. Now is the time to listen and learn the lessons that God has been wanting and waiting to speak into our story. The perfect time to learn eternal truths is while facing a global challenge. The truths we learn now will transform our tomorrows, our world, and our eternity. Today, simple – don’t miss it.  #BeTheEdge