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Proverbs 2:11 NASB

Today’s world can be a very confusing place. Right and wrong blur into all kinds of shades of gray and leave us looking for a solid place to put our feet. The world offers a lot of options for where to get guidance. Religion, politics, science, and philosophy to name a few, and within each of those there are numerous variations. It is no wonder that so many choose to believe and look for direction from whatever seems convincing at the moment. This is not new. I have observed the resulting fallout in the lives of committed hippies and those involved in the free love movement of the 60’s. As we see in the lives lived following whatever seems right at the moment, it does not end well. We need and were created for Truth to shepherd our story; for the Truth to ground our journey. The Word of God will guide you and teach you how to govern yourself. Today, look squarely into His Word and find direction and discretion there.