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Proverbs 21:3 NASB

How do you do righteousness, or for that matter what does doing justice look like? We all understand sacrifice and we don’t particularly like it. To give up something that you want or to deny yourself something that you like, however you put it, you know what sacrifice means. Sacrificing something is actually not hard to do. Oh, it may not be fun but for the most part it is not really hard. You don’t necessarily need someone else’s cooperation or involvement. You have something you want or enjoy, and you make a conscious choice to not get it or do it. To do justice and righteousness means to take a moral stand on behalf of, or with, others when it is not easy. It is also not necessarily something we would rush to do. It usually involves a cost, sometimes a lasting cost to our reputation or even our well-being. This goes far beyond making a simple sacrifice. Jesus stood for righteousness and justice and was nailed to the cross for it. Today, ask yourself where God wants you to take a stand for Him, and then do it. #BeTheEdge