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Proverbs 2:3 NASB

As a family, we went through a very difficult season not long ago. It was very interesting to see the change in my prayer life. A lot more desperation and crying out crept into my daily conversations with my Creator. I said ‘conversations’ rather than ‘conversation’ because I found myself at unplanned moments calling out to God for discernment and understanding. I was also calling out regularly for the strength to forgive and trust. The desperation in my prayers reminded me of other times in my journey that I found myself desperate for God and the confidence that comes through knowing the Author and Creator of life was listening and in control. Maturity in the Christian life is seen as we learn that regardless of our circumstances, good or bad, we are always desperate for God’s involvement at every moment and in every area of our story. Today, look to God for His wisdom and understanding in everything, big or small, difficult or easy, and watch Him work wonders through it all.