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Proverbs 25:3 NIV

Early in my ministry I just knew what a donor was thinking. I quickly learned I didn’t. Take a second and you can probably figure out why that mattered. Too many times I find employees trying to guess what their boss “really” wants only to miss profoundly. In this verse Solomon cautions against thinking we know another’s thoughts. The depth of a person, their life experiences and desires will befuddle the strongest or wiliest of intellects. Figuring out what is in the depths of another’s heart is beyond human ability. Thankfully where man comes up short God is able. One of the first things I was taught in the counseling psychology program in grad school was that every client lies. They do not always know they are, although often they do. They lie to construct the story they believe you need to be told or want you to believe. At times they lie because they are unaware of their own truth. Not only can another’s heart be unsearchable for us, it is potentially unsearchable for them. Well this sounds pretty convoluted. It is. The mind and heart is complicated. If we spend our time searching for God and His will then aligning our lives with that we save a lot of need for digging into others issues. I watched a minister speak to a state legislature today. One of his key points dealt with fundamental attribution error. A great term that simply means that we tend to believe the best about our motives but read the worst into another’s. That’s very common and yet a grossly unfair way to operate. Today allow God to reveal your heart issues and correct them. #BeTheEdge


“would not God have discovered it, since he knows the secrets of the heart?” Psalms‬ ‭44:21‬ ‭NIV‬