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Proverbs 27:1 NIV

Live long enough and you will find out just how true this is. As a matter of fact you may think this is a bit of an understatement. Medical reports, family dynamics, job or financial situations or even pandemics can seemingly come out of nowhere. I heard a great message in church a couple days ago about God working in our lives in “the wait”. That wasn’t the preachers exact words but I believe it captures the essence of his meaning. When our future surprises us with bad information or actions on the part of another we essentially have a few options. We can let it defeat us and just quit. We can ignore it and thereby live outside of reality, not exactly the healthiest way to live. Or, we can see it as the beginning of a time that God will work in our story. Each of these responses speak directly to what we genuinely believe about God. (Check out Romans 8:28) We need to remove the non believer from this principle who truly has no hope in all situations, at least until they move into relationship with God who stands ready to provide eternal meaning to all that happens in their story as well. Gods followers now must live out what they profess to believe. God waits to meet them and walk with them in “the wait”. It is while waiting to see God work out His perfect plan in our story that a watching world learns if we truly trust Him. I’ve mentioned before that Jesus was nailed to the cross on Friday believing His Father would raise Him to new life on Sunday and He did. We may not know what a day may bring but we can find great confidence in knowing the One who does. Today live that silent Saturday trusting God to have a resurrection coming in your story. #BeTheEdge


“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalms‬ ‭27:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬