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Proverbs 27:17 NASB

I just spent a few days in Ft Wayne, Indiana with some great business leaders (Hi, guys, and welcome to The Edge family!). I was both blessed and impressed by the heart of these folks and their desire to influence their work and world with their faith. The ministry I’m involved with has this verse as its foundation passage. The idea at its core is that God wants all of us to make each other better people. How do you argue with that, right? The challenge is to figure out how to always keep that truth at the forefront in everything we do. It’s not so hard when honoring or encouraging a member of your team who has done a good job. But, how does iron sharpening look when we don’t really know a member of our company, or if they need correction? Some of us have the challenge of being salt and light in the midst of firing someone. It can be a great challenge to #BeTheEdge in all circumstances, yet God doesn’t let us pick and choose when to turn the light on and off. Today, regardless of the situation, remember God calls you at all times, in all circumstances, to #BeTheEdge.