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Proverbs 29:1 NASB

When I went through hard times I use to ask “why me?” or at least I would ask “why?”. As I got older I learned the prudent question was not “why?” but “what?”. “What do you want me to learn Lord?” We may or may not discover the why but we can always learn the what. And the what is what we are responsible for. I am fearful at times that the Lord will show me what He wants me to learn and address in my life and I will resist Him. This verse gives an ominous warning. If I continue to refuse to learn the lesson He has for me I will be broken beyond repair. I’m not exactly sure how that looks but I am certain I don’t desire the experience. As I face challenges or persecution I want the other person or party to stop. That’s natural. I can challenge and battle them but ultimately I’m only responsible for and able to change myself. Today ask God what He’s wanting you to learn. Learn it and move forward. Protect the neck.