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Proverbs 30:11 NIV


There is a direct correlation between the young men of Solomon’s day and the youth described in the end times of 2 Timothy 1. Theologians are unsure to which group he is referring. There is no reason it can’t be both. The list goes on in Tim 1 and is pretty extensive and overwhelming. I’m not sure it’s not relevant today. I can not picture many things that would be sadder than to have your children turn on you in your older years. It is frightening and heartbreaking. That being said there is a form of this that happens in the faith that is even worse. When we are younger we are sure we are smarter than our parents and their generation. When this attitude is also seen as a younger person finds faith and begins to grow in that faith there can also be a very dangerous tendency to look down on our parents who are not perceived to be as “enlightened” as we are. That is more than disheartening, it’s sin. Jesus calls us to love and honor our parents. Apart from humility we are unable to sufficiently honor them. For a couple decades certain elements of the organized church have made a big deal about stepping aside and letting the young lead. There is a reason the Bible refers to the older and wiser leaders as Elders and not “youngers”. The false perception that the young are ready for the leadership of the older is partly feeding the arrogance that turns to dishonor for them. I don’t believe most of us curse our fathers and don’t bless our mothers intentionally. However, at important stages we must be mindful and intentional to show God’s design for respect and honor. Today look for ways to do that. #BeTheEdge


“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise—“ ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭2‬  NIV