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Proverbs 8:23 NASB

He has seen it all. Worldwide pandemics are nothing new to Him. Social unrest, remember the 60’s? How about the 1860’s or even the Crusades? He was there. Persecution and bullying? Yep, He was crucified…literally. He not only understands He is also, contrary to the view from below, solidly in control. If that’s true, why does He allow all these things to go on? That is the question that causes so many to doubt Him. Books have been written, sermons preached, even movies made to wrestle with and explore that very struggle. Here it is: “If He is the all-powerful, loving, God why does He allow suffering?” I certainly would not let anyone suffer if it was in my power to stop it. God’s greater love did not create puppets, it created free will. When He breathed life into Adam it was with the full awareness that His Son would be tortured and nailed alive to a rugged cross. I don’t know all the answers to the ‘Why?’ but I walk in faith and confidence with the One who does. Today, find confidence and comfort in the realization that no matter how out of control things appear from our view, God is sovereignly and powerfully in control from His seat above. #BeTheEdge