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Proverbs 12:2 NASB

By August 12, 2020No Comments

“A good man will obtain favor from the LORD, but He will condemn a man who devises evil.” Proverbs 12:2 NASB

Who would sit around and purposely devise evil? Ok, I know there are a few truly evil people in the world but I’m talking, as I’m sure Solomon was, about the average folks in our story. None of us have much time or interest in coming up with a plan to hurt someone or wish ill on them…unless they hurt us or someone we love. Yep, all of us are capable of slipping over to this dark place. I’m not just talking about harmlessly wanting that unknown driver who cuts us off to be pulled over by the cops. No, it can be someone we know who is traveling the road right beside us who weaves into our lane and unsettles our journey. I recently watched one of the sweetest people I know turn very dark and wish an unimaginable hurt on someone who had been taking hurtful shots at a person they love. We are all capable under the right (or should I say wrong) conditions. Jesus showed us how to rise above these people. Today, look past the hurt and focus on the Savior. He is bigger than them all. #BeTheEdge

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