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Christian Life

Proverbs 1:3 NASB

By August 1, 2020No Comments

“To receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, justice and equity” Proverbs 1:3 NASB

We all need people speaking truth and wisdom into our story. People who care enough to speak wise truth into our story whether it’s what we expect or want to hear or not. A little while ago, an old high school friend sent me this thought. “One day I was processing some worries with my mentor. As I talked about my biggest fears, I silently hoped he would reassure me that these things probably would never happen. However, he responded with something that proved more powerful and lasting. He said, “I have seen you face a lot of challenges and have seen God give you strength through many trials. I trust that if this does turn out to be what you most fear, He will do the same. You would get through it by His amazing strength and power.” That’s a strong insight. Do you have people who speak that way in your life? Sometimes I think I have too many of those people in my life, but truthfully, I’m at the place where I shudder to consider not having any of them traveling with me. Today, look at your fellow travelers and identify who those mentors are in your story…and reach out and thank them. #BeTheEdge

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