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Proverbs 14:5 NASB

By November 14, 2020No Comments

“A trustworthy witness will not lie, but a false witness utters lies.” Proverbs 14:5 NASB

There is a reason Jesus called Himself “The Truth.” In a world of gray, there is a deep eternal longing for the clarity of Truth. As Jesus followers, we are called to simply report the Truth. At times, we work hard to decorate and add flavor to The Truth. In the process it can get lost or at best a bit confusing. That is not who we are called to be or what we are called to do – our highest responsibility as Christ followers is to tell the truth. A genuine faith can even speak a simple truth. However, when our life and words do not match, our message speaks of insincerity and the lost and confused world stays that way. When we don’t live the life of a follower of Christ, we are lying about who we really are. This deception is as dangerous, and potentially more so, than outright lying. God made and equipped us to be His representative. Whenever we are less than that it is a lie with potential eternal consequences. It has been stated that the most dangerous lie is 99% truth. A life lived outside of congruity with who we are in Christ, no matter how small the incongruity, is that kind of lie. This is not to condemn, but more to help us reflect on being fully yielded to Christ in us. He will always honor our desire to surrender to Him. Perfection is not the requirement meant for truth – vulnerability and transparency of His work in progress is. Today, speak and live Truth. God will bless and honor that. #BeTheEdge

“Teach me Your way, O LORD; I will walk in Your truth…” Psalms 86:11 NASB

“Teach me Your way, O LORD; I will walk in Your truth…” Psalms 86:11 NASB

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