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Proverbs 21:31 NASB

By August 21, 2020No Comments

“The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the LORD.” Proverbs 21:31 NASB


In Solomon’s day, the horse was a mighty weapon of war. Imported from Egypt, they were considered the difference maker in battle. They were trained, outfitted with equipment, and paired with talented soldiers. They were perceived to give a great strategic edge. However, what Solomon witnessed in his father, King David’s experiences was that the real difference maker in battle was God. Often, King David’s great leaders found themselves out manned and out equipped, yet because God was leading them, and they were fighting with Him on their side, they won. Conversely, they also witnessed that when they went off on their own, in disobedience or not consulting God, even when better prepared, they would be defeated. In the same way, if we enter into spiritual warfare unequipped and on our own, we are vulnerable to great defeat in our lives, but with God on our side, we cannot lose. Today, be prepared for battle in the cause for God’s Kingdom, and follow Him to victory. #BeTheEdge

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