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Proverbs 23:4 AMP

By December 23, 2020No Comments

“Do not weary yourself [with the overwhelming desire] to gain wealth; Cease from your own understanding of it.” Proverbs 23:4 AMP


We are getting ready for the New Year; it’s literally a smidge over a week away. First, we will move through Christmas. One of the most opulent times of the year. I use that word intentionally. It means, “ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish.” Often, Christmas sets us up for the New Year. Dave Ramsey would discourage the building up of debt for celebrations beyond our means. I’m not sure where you might be on that particular issue, I suspect as most of “The Edge” leaders that is not an issue for you. The bigger challenge is the mindset moving into a new year that positions us for a financial boon coming out of all the challenges of 2020. As I’ve shared before, pursuing financial growth is not a bad thing in and of itself. It’s more about why and how we approach it. If you weary yourself to the point of mental and physical exhaustion pursing the ‘more’ that’s an issue. I also am fully aware that there are seasons, as a faithful leader, that we will need to pour ourselves entirely into a growth mentality and effort. However, it should not be a long-term lifestyle. Today, choose God’s understanding of wealth acquisition and enjoy the journey He’s written for you. #BeTheEdge

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