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Proverbs 26:10 NIV

By October 26, 2022No Comments

“Like an archer who wounds at random is one who hires a fool or any passer-by.” 

I was an HR department’s nightmare. It’s not that I was doing things that would get us in trouble. It was my hiring practices. I got into ministry many years ago because I loved God, I loved people and I wanted to see them in a relationship. When I ran a youth ministry I would basically ask someone who expressed interest in working with us if they loved God and they loved kids. If the answer was yes I’d hire them. My goodness did that create a mess. I have to own the fact that my hiring practices coupled with the fact that I hated to fire anyone was not an effective way to operate. A ministry that I started and oversaw for almost 40 years is no longer impacting the lost youth world because of one of those hires. This is know as one of the most difficult verses to translate and understand in all of scripture. However, all agree that not doing due diligence on those we hire or give responsibility to is not only bad business it is dangerous. Some translate it as causing terror. Now that’s a bad hire. One reason The Edge offers the Core Value Index free is because we realize that understanding how God uniquely created each of us is crucial if we are to operate within His design and calling for us. I enjoy bow hunting. However I am not going with anyone who does not know how to safely operate with a bow and arrow. Spotting the actual target is basic to that safety. Hiring people according to God’s gifts and abilities is not just wise, it is critical. Today recognize that everyone is a unique creation of God and put them to work where He has designed for them to operate most effectively. #BeTheEdge

“We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.” Romans‬ ‭12:6‬a NIV‬‬

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