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Proverbs 29:19 NIV

By July 29, 2023No Comments

“Servants cannot be corrected by mere words; though they understand, they will not respond.” 

Today we hear about quiet quitting and loud quitting. I think I’d prefer the loud quitting which is a trend to make a production out of quitting a job, usually for social media . Quiet quitting is when an employee decides to do the bare minimum they can get away with while still keeping their job and paycheck. Their heart and consequently their efforts are not in it. Sons and employees, theoretically, do not respond to instructions the same way. At least the way it was understood in Solomon’s time. In theory our own children will respond to our instructions and guidance out of love and trust. Employees do it often out of duty or for a check. As children of God we are to take the correction He gives us as a gift from a loving Father who only wants the very best for His children. The lost world sees God’s principles as burdensome and intrusive. In reality that’s what they are for them. When you feel you must do things Gods’s way yet in your own effort without a heart love for Him it will wear you out. His directions and correction will just tick you off. At that point only threats to your income or comfort tend to bring results. Often they know the right thing to do they just don’t want to do it. The threat of negative repercussions is all that works. God’s children may not always enjoy His instructions but as they ponder who and why they are receiving them they appreciate and respond. Today listen and learn. #BeTheEdge

“If you love me, keep my commands.” Jesus

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