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Salt and Light

Proverbs 4:2 NASB 

By May 4, 2020No Comments

“For I give you sound teaching; do not abandon my instruction.” Proverbs 4:2 NASB 

I just saw a story that much of the nation will begin to open up and re-emerge from the pandemic shutdown today. There is a strong, sometimes bitter, debate about whether that is a good idea or not. Without taking a side here, I want to remind us that we are different people than we were when the lock down began to take control as little as six to eight weeks ago. I have heard some joking that April was 100 days long. I now know about things I never even considered before. Social distancing, flattening the curve, how a virus works and the differences in those dangerous bugs as well as how they can spread and what the process is for treatments and vaccines are all new in my personal knowledge base. More than that, there are amazing things God’s followers have learned. Gathering online, meeting the needs of our communities in creative ways, and putting the needs of the vulnerable ahead of our own have all been elevated to a new place. Who God is when there is literally nowhere else to turn for survival and a future was new to many and renewed in many others. The challenge will be to not lose the powerful lessons God brought to us during this once in a lifetime, hopefully, experience. Today, reflect on what God has shown you and let it sink deep into your spirit as He conforms you into the image of His Son. #BeTheEdge

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