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Proverbs 5:5 NIV

“Her feet go down to death; her steps lead straight to the grave.” 

Other versions translate “straight to the grave” as “straight to hell”. My Southern Baptist Ordination kind of resonates with that translation. In reality we tend to avoid the subject of hell. It is seldom talked about and even more seldom preached about. Hey, I get it. Of all the downer subjects in the world this is pretty much the worst. We want to focus on the love of God. It’s a great focus. Solomon wanted to be sure his listeners and readers were aware of exactly what awaited those who chose to follow the counsel of the adulterous woman or anyone who would lead them into a life of sin. Of the 3 great lies of satan one is that there is no hell. If he can remove the reality of hell from the truth of eternity many people will ignore the need for a savior. Granted the motivation to love and serve God is powerful. The idea of living a life of meaning and purpose guided by the indwelling power of His Holy Spirit is sufficient. But the truth of an eternity spent with or separated from that God of love, truth, grace, peace and power is “the” critical piece of the whole truth. Don’t buy the lie of this world and satan. There is an eternity waiting and it will be spent in joy and peace with God or it will be in darkness, sadness, desperation and fear in hell. Today live with the awareness that everyone you encounter is an eternal being with a choice to make and help them. #BeTheEdge

“Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.” Jesus

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