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Salt and Light

Proverbs 7:1 NIV

By April 7, 2021No Comments

“My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you.” 

Here’s the challenge. This devotion goes out to at least a few thousand people in at least a dozen countries around the world. Through the The Edge Daily app (if you don’t have it please download it free from your App Store and share it with your friends), emails, texts as well as the many people who share it with others. It touches people of different races, political opinions, denominations and both genders. With that audience in mind I never dance around truth but I am sensitive to the reality that I’m not laser focused on bringing a truth to a specific segment of the kingdom. A reality of Proverbs is that Solomon spends a lot, by that I mean A LOT, of time talking about sex and sexual sin specifically. For him it’s a topic for men. He knew what it did to his dad. He was aware of its impact on him. He was concerned for what it would do to his sons and he saw it destroy many promising young men in his kingdom. Although Solomon focuses on men we all know it is not a male only struggle. Sex by Gods design is an amazing gift. Any other way it is a soul killing, life stealing tool of the evil one. Pretty clear line. Solomons point here is to have a filter on your mind that protects and guards every thought you have. He knows that every battle with sin, especially sexual sin, is won or lost in the mind before it ever becomes an action. James tells us the same thing. Whoever you are and whatever segment of the world you occupy this is solid truth. Today reinforce the filter in your mind with Gods truth and flee ‘youthful lust’.#BeTheEdge


“Flee the evil desires of youth and pursue righteousness, faith, love and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 Timothy‬ ‭2:22‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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