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Proverbs 11:29 NASB

In college, I starred in a stage production of “Inherit the Wind.” Well, maybe not starred, but I sat night after night at the reporter’s table in this courtroom drama awaiting the moment when I shouted my one line. The title of the play is borrowed from this passage in Proverbs and essentially means to get nothing for your effort. Here, the writer reminds us that a slothful, lazy work effort will not only leave the worker in a bad way, but that their family will suffer as well. Included in the use of this phrase are those who, by pursuing possessions or wealth out of greed or intense and selfish desire, bring worries and distress on himself and his family. The result of either approach to life will leave one empty and ultimately in the debt of and obliged to work for others. Today, be diligent but balanced, and serve others as you work heartily in God’s calling on your life. Inherit His promises. #BeTheEdge