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Proverbs 18:10 NASB

Think of a word that describes God. All the ones He has given us in the Bible that describe elements of His being. Eternal, all knowing, all loving, compassionate, all powerful, and on and on. Some lists tell us there are 100 descriptive names for God in the Bible. Then there are the characteristics of God. The phrase “The name of the Lord” is the Biblical expression for the whole character of God as He has made it known to us, or in other words, for God Himself as He has been pleased to reveal Himself to mankind. Now think of the one characteristic of God you most desperately need in your story today – healer, provider, comforter. Whatever it is He is. God stands ready in all He is to be fully God in your journey today. Someone is going to be the god of your life right now. Today let God be God and find your safety in Him.

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Rom. 10:13 NASB