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Proverbs 25:15 NIV

A close friend told me the other day that I could be very persuasive. In the context of our conversation I wasn’t sure if that was meant as a compliment or a criticism. I knew it could be either depending on the situation. What are your greatest tools of persuasion? Some people try to persuade through intimidation or brute force. Others come loaded with facts, just cold hard facts. Some appeal strictly to emotions. There are numerous other strategies. To see some of the very worst just look at social media. But, for the very best watch Jesus. Solomon here points to two effective ways to have influence. Patience and kindness or mildness are given as powerful instruments that can influence the heart of leaders. The ability to show these two traits in the heat of any battle, verbal or otherwise, shows a level of maturity that is instantly recognizable by all present. They also tend to elevate the power of your words and moves hearts and minds previously poised for battle. These traits not only make your speech more impactful they make you more impactful regardless of what you are saying. Maturity reminds us that God is sovereignly working in all situations. The imperative is not for us to win. It is to represent our God and therefore influence the world for Him. Today be patient and kind and influence your corner of the world. #BeTheEdge


“Love is patient, love is kind.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:4‬a NIV‬‬