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Proverbs 27:17 NASB

This is one of the better known passages in the Bible. It is both a simple concept and challenge to grasp, and at the same time an important truth to change lives for eternal impact. A core concept is that we were not designed to live powerful lives alone. I have started 4 ministries over my lifetime so far, and early on I discovered it could not be done without others involved with me in the journey. I’m currently on the front end of the 5th and the first thing I did in starting it was to connect in an accountability relationship with others as I began this part of my story. This verse does not allow us to choose to be iron. Like Jesus tells us in the sermon on the mount, we are salt and light, we just choose to live like what we are or we choose not to. The whole light under a bushel thing. You are iron. Will you be sharpened and sharpening or will you travel through live dull and ineffective? Today be “The Edge” you were created to be and sharpen everyone you encounter.