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Proverbs 3:1 NASB

My 4-year-old daughter was talking to me, one day. I still see us in the kitchen, she was holding her doll and I was looking at the mail. At one point she said, “Daddy, lean over.” I leaned toward her. She grabbed my shirt in her little hands. I lowered myself until I was at eye level. Then she proceeded to tell me something about her doll. Everyone wants to be heard. God had His Son die on a cross to open a direct line of communication with us. Even God wants to be heard. As we journey through the wisdom of Solomon, it is helpful to realize that most chapters begin with a verse that sets up much of what remains in that chapter. Some first verses even set the tone and direction of a few chapters. Solomon is reinforcing the truth that we are about to continue reading -directions from the heart of our Creator. Ponder that for a moment. It is as if God jotted a letter, sent a text, or was walking down the road next to us sharing His heart for our story. It is too easy at times for me to read quickly through my daily Bible time because I am in a rush to check it off my list.  Today, look in His eyes, His Word, and lock in and listen.