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Proverbs 6:20 NASB

Can I just tell you, I love the simplicity of God’s truth. Now, I’m not suggesting that there isn’t depth way beyond my understanding or challenges living out even the simplest truth but, I’m always awed by the simplicity and directness of our heavenly Father. I listened intently and intentionally on a call with about a dozen men yesterday. Everyone from a high school principal to coaches, a medical doctor to a Doctor of Theology. There was a mix of ages and races. I listened, learned, and was challenged. Throughout our time together I sensed a value for one another, a respect and an appreciation. I had the benefit of being the only one who knew most of them before the video meeting, yet there was an instant rapport. It could only come from one source: a belief that God brought us together and God owned the agenda. There was a basic supernatural presence of love just understood without having to be proclaimed or defined in the group. Simplicity of the unity found only in Christ and His love. I’ve shared before but it deserves resharing now. Tradition tells us that when the Apostle John was near the end of his life Jesus’ followers would carry him to visit the churches. They would all ask him to share a word with them. He would say, “Love one another.” They would nod and ask for more. All he would say is, “Love one another.” Today, love one another. #BeTheEdge

“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” John 15:12 NASB