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Proverbs 17:3 NASB

By January 17, 2021No Comments

“The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the Lord tests hearts.” Proverbs 17:3 NASB

I have shared on this in recent months. It just seems very relevant again today. Judging another’s heart and motives is way too common these days, and I am awed by how often and confidently I see this taking place. It has been done to me as I’m sure it has been done to you. It is very easy to look at another person and assume we can determine what is in their heart. The reality is that it is truly impossible. No matter how close we actually come to perceiving what someone else is thinking, we have no way of understanding all the intricacies of another’s journey in life to fully grasp what brought them to an opinion they hold. For that matter, it is even beyond a person’s ability to fully grasp what brings them to their own opinion. That is where the concept of blind spots is critical to understand when trying to discern our own thought process. I can never fully know why you believe or act like you do and conversely you can never do that with me or another, either. Thankfully, we are not called to do that impossible task. God is able and He takes us individually on a journey of discovery at His pace and in a way that helps us to be conformed to His Son’s image. Understanding another person boils down to listening, really listening to their words and their heart while recognizing that even with the best of intentions we will never fully hear. We love and trust not ‘because of’ but ‘in spite of.’ Today, show God’s generous love to those we can never fully understand because the One who fully understands loves us anyway. #BeTheEdge

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” Jesus

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