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Proverbs 2:20 NIV

By August 2, 2023No Comments

“Thus you will walk in the ways of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous.”

If I wasn’t in the habit of writing a short devotional about each verse I would let this just stand on its own. Seriously if you want a quick devo today read this verse, memorize it and do it. Enough said. Ok for those who feel a bit cheated let me add that all of us want the life of the righteous. Scripture is full of the promised blessings of their life. As just one example Galatians 5 describes 9 fruits that are produced in that life. Who couldn’t use a bit more love, joy or peace? How about the self control or patience that brings great reward? Or maybe those beautiful traits of kindness, goodness and faithfulness spilling over into every life we encounter? See what He means. and this is from just 2 verses of the 31,102 verses that make up the Word of God. This verse from Proverbs 2 contrasts walking in the way of the evil man and reminds us that simply avoiding evil ways is not good enough. We must pursue the good way of God and His truth. In the original language ‘the paths of the righteous’ implies the way of light. It is instructive to remember Jesus referred to Himself as both The Way and The Light. Maybe a little explanation was useful but committing this verse to heart is still powerful. Today walk in God’s way. #BeTheEdge

“I am the way…I am the light…” Jesus

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