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Proverbs 21:26 NIV

By February 21, 2024No Comments

“All day long he craves for more, but the righteous give without sparing.” ‬‬

The use of the word righteous in this verse is telling us an essential truth for ‘The Biblical Worldview’ leader. They understand the distinction between ownership and stewardship. They know God owns everything they have. As the creator of all, it is all His. From their time to their companies it’s all His. Our role is that of a steward. That difference changes everything. We no longer crave what will never satisfy. We instead give away and share what belongs to God and bless others knowing it’s His. We also know that as we bless others God’s blessing is on us. It’s a powerful, supernatural truth. It literally flips the secular world’s view and objectives on their head. Sure both views are about growing and selling. There is a responsibility to investors and our team. However, as this proverb indicates one approach is driven by an unreachable hunger for more the other is driven by the Holy Spirit of God. There is no hunger to satisfy in that scenario. God has satisfied our hunger. At that point the follower of God has a longing to represent Him and His Kingdom. That is a mission of love, sacrifice and giving of ourselves as He did. Today allow God to touch the needs of those you encounter through His life in you. #BeTheEdge. #LoveJesusBeKind

“In the same way, let your light shine…” Jesus

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