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Proverbs 22:25 NIV

By January 22, 2024January 24th, 2024No Comments

“or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared.”

This is another one of the themes Solomon likes to return to. Paul did as well. This verse directly connects to the prior verse and again reminds us that we become like the people who we hang around. At the very least we become know by our associations whether we are truly like them or not. It is a delicate balance for sure. Rebecca Pippert in her book “Out of the Salt Shaker” talks about ‘Rabbit Hole Christianity’ and makes the point that many college students in her ministry claimed to not know any non Christian students. When they examined their day they saw that they lived with a Christian roommate (good choice), ate their meals with Christian friends (ok choice), only sat in class with Christian friends (fine but not always necessary), hung out with only Christian friends (definitely safe) and returned to call it a night with their Christian roommate (good choice). As you see it was understandable that they only knew Christians. Add to this Christian clubs, bible studies and church. Her point was that if we want to impact the world for Christ we need to occasionally get next to a little darkness. The balance is a struggle to be determined by spirit leading, strength of personality and opportunity. Ideally one would team up with other believers to build relationships with the non Christians. Solomon’s point is first and foremost stay in solid fellowship and relationship with fellow believers. Then you can safely step into the world of the lost who need to know the Jesus we serve. The final point is we need to be intentional about being with the like minded and the lost. Today let God surround you with with His children and reach out to the lost. #BeTheEdge

“…let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Jesus

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