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Proverbs 26:25 NIV

By January 26, 2024No Comments

“Though their speech is charming, do not believe them, for seven abominations fill their hearts.” ‬‬

“A wise man will be more afraid of a flatterer than of a slanderer.” (Matthew Henry) As we saw yesterday, everybody enjoys a compliment, a kind word and good news. That is true. This verse is warning us to consider the flattery from someone we don’t know well. The most natural instinct would tell us if we don’t know them well there is no reason to believe they know us well and their “insights” about us are certainly suspect. Someone offering counsel that they would have us believe is giving in the interest of looking out for us is exactly what the serpent did with Eve in the garden. We can be confident there was nothing good for her in his heart. The Edge ministry slogan is “As iron sharpens iron”. Interestingly, in talking about this kind of person the book of Eccles says they act like “the rusting of iron”. I have always appreciated constructive criticism from a friend. I may smile and say thank you but when someone I don’t know compliments me I don’t put much value in it. Of course I’d rather a compliment than a curse. A trusted counselor speaks bold truth to my weakness with a desire to help me grow. The seven abominations refers to demons and with a heart full of them you can be sure your best interest and God’s plan for your story is never their intention. Today listen to the godly people journeying with you and graciously smile a move on from the rest. #BeTheEdge

“My intercessor is my friend…” Job‬ ‭16‬:‭20‬a NIV‬‬

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