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Proverbs 8:7 NIV

“My mouth speaks what is true, for my lips detest wickedness.” 

The truth is an incredibly valuable resource today, and can be very hard to find. I suggest starting the search by ignoring all media and news sources. Not because there is no truth there but because the search to find it will probably take a long and intense journey and what you find is usually not of a significant nature. Jesus called Himself “The Truth”. That’s profound. Ponder it for a moment. In a world of very little black and white that wants to wallow around in the morass of gray, Jesus does not claim to be “a truth”, He boldly claims to be “The Truth”. The one and only, unchanging, infallible, pure, holy Truth. In our search for truth may I suggest we start there. We run every thing right up next to Him as the standard and if it comes up short we dismiss it as less than the truth, as untruth. It has been said that the most dangerous lie is 99% truth and 1% lie. I concur. Many years ago I removed the phrases, “to be honest”, “to tell the truth”, “truth be told”, “honestly” and any of the many phrases that indicate an attempt to clarify the truthfulness of my next words. It was difficult at first but now I almost taste the disingenuous nature of what’s to come and don’t even say it. When someone else uses one of those phrases I am immediately wary of what they are saying. Truth is powerful. The Truth is eternal life giving. Today speak and live the truth only. #BeTheEdge

“I am the Truth.” Jesus

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